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At 22 years old, after a time of personal development and deep introspection — following the loss of my mother — I made a vow to live my life to the fullest and pursue my passion. I decided to quit my day job and become a full-time painter. Fast forward three decades, I’m now a devoted painter of what some might consider “the Color Visualist Movement” and others the “New American Impressionist Movement." Specifically, I've been immersing myself in the techniques of the "Hawthorne-Hensche Principle."

As a painter, my mission involves employing the technique of striated and broken color to capture nature's ever-changing moods. I take a sincere approach, depicting specific color relationships to interpret the nuanced light keys generously provided by nature. Nature, in all its glory, remains my ultimate muse.

My artistic journey has been profoundly influenced by my extensive studies of the "Hawthorne-Hensche Principle." For over a decade, I had the privilege of studying under the guidance of my studio-mate, Camille Przewodek, and other esteemed former students of Henry Hensche, including John Ebersberger, Cedric and Joanette Egeli, both at their studio in Maryland and at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown. Additionally, I've had the honor of studying landscape painting with the late Joseph Mendez, a former student of the Russian master painter Sergei Bongart, in California and Spain, as well as with Frank Gannon of Forestville, California, another student of Henry Hensche.

Hensche's teachings are significant to me, especially considering his role as the protégé of William Merritt Chase during the time of Monet. This connection places me within a profound tradition influenced by some of the giants in the art world. Additionally, Charles Hawthorne, a mentor to Hensche, crafted a new teaching system inspired by the legendary Monet. The resonance of Monet's influence echoes through the teachings that have played a pivotal role in shaping my artistic journey. In my humble way, I also share this teaching system with my students, hoping to pass on the essence of these impactful traditions.

My educational journey extends to off-site workshops at the Scottsdale Artists' School, where I've had the opportunity to learn from nationally renowned painters such as Gay Faulkenberry, George Strickland, Kenn Backhaus, Skip Whitcomb, Matt Smith, and Ray Roberts. Since 2003, I've collaborated closely with Peggi Kroll-Roberts and Ray Roberts of Angels Camp, California. Teaching and continuous training with nationally recognized painters remain integral to my artistic journey, as I find immense satisfaction in the perpetual pursuit of knowledge and growth.

Recently, my focus has shifted towards "en plein-air" painting. This practice allows me to explore the "Hawthorne-Hensche Principle further" while incorporating academic approaches derived from "the Bongart School of Art." These two schools of painting share a common goal: not to teach how to paint but rather how to truly "see." Drawing connections between the Russian school of painting and the "Hawthorne-Hensche Principle," I position myself in a lineage that includes influential artists like Ilya Repin, Nicolai Fechin, and Sergei Bongart.

My passion lies in preserving and extending these artistic traditions. I aspire to inspire fellow students and emerging painters to delve into similar studies. I aim to carry on the teachings of Hawthorne and Hensche and pass on the contributions made by Hensche's students. I hope to keep alive the old academic traditions advocated by Sergei Bongart, as documented in Henry Hensche's book, "The Art of Seeing and Painting." Through my work and teachings, I strive to encourage the full exploration and expansion of both the Russian School of Painting and the "Hawthorne-Hensche Principle."  Let's keep the Hawthorne-Hensche flame burning, lighting the way for others on the quest for visual insight.


View a hand-selection of current works showcased here. Please click on an image to see further details or click contact to inquire for more information.



"Learn how the effective use of colors in a beautiful combination can transmit the moods of a still life or landscape. I will guide you in an honest approach to seeing and understanding color relationships and the many light keys of nature. Color, values, drawing, and composition with an emphasis on seeing the big shapes and their relationships will be taught through a series of exercises, one-on-one instruction, and demonstrations."

I frequently teach workshops locally and abroad. Check here for updates. You can book me for private lessons or sign up for a class by clicking on the "sign up online" button below.

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